AluRepair VISAR

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Modern car bodies in multi-material design [MMD] require a lot of know-how as well as first-class and innovative repair solutions. With AluRepair VISAR, the globally unique, powerful 3-in-1 system, aluminum bits as well as threaded, ground and device support bolts up to Ø 12 mm can be welded and special pull-out bolts can also be set for the quick removal of punch rivets. We provide you with the appropriate know-how for MMD and aluminum repairs in our training courses and seminars!

Technical data

Welding area Ø 2 – 12 mm, M3 – M12
welding material Steel (unalloyed and alloyed), aluminum
Welding current 1,200A (max)
Current setting range 25 – 1,200 A
Welding time 5 – 1,500 ms (continuously)
Connection 200 to 600 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Cooling type F (thermally controlled fan)
Protection class IP 23 (also allows outdoor use)
Temp. range of the ambient air 0°C to 40°C
Dimensions 430 x 288 x 246 mm (without cable)
Weight 18.5kg

Scope of delivery:

Article no. Description
CMA-1200  Power unit CMA-1200 for stud welding with drawn ignition welding gun with bit holder hose package gas hose 
CMA-142  System trolley 
CMA-160  Pressure regulator 
CMA-252  gas hose 
CMA-150  pyrometer 
CMA-137  Aluminum bits set (14 types of 50 pieces each) 
CMA-170  Bolt holder 4 mm 
CMA-171  Bolt holder 5 mm 
CMA-172  Bolt holder 6 mm 
CMA-175  Bolt holder 8 mm 
CMA-176  Bolt holder 10 mm 
CMA-177  Gas pipe 42 mm for bolts 4 / 5 / 6 mm 
CMA-175-1  Gas pipe 48 mm for bolt 8 mm 
CMA-176-1  Gas pipe 58 mm for bolt 10 mm 
CMA-178  Bolt holder 4 mm for tension bolts 
CMA-179  Bolt holder 5 mm for tension bolts 
CMA-181  Bolt holder 6 mm for tension bolts 
CMA-178-1  Gas pipe 110 mm for tension bolts 
CMA-155  Cutter for aluminum bits 
CMA-120  Towing hook for EasyPuller 
CMA-130  Thermochromic pen 
MS-U-B16  Pull-in electrode aluminum (12x72 mm) 
MS-U-B17  Pull-in electrode stainless steel (12x72 mm) 


Article no. Description
CMA-193  4x45mm 
CMA-194  5x45mm 
CMA-195  6x45mm 


Article no. Description
B04120  M4x25 
B04190  M5x25 
B04245  M6x25
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