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CBR 2109 | Spatula for aluminum and steel
Spoon iron curved, flat shape
Fix magnets | 4-piece setFix magnets | 4-piece set
Set of folding pliers, 5-piece set
Spoon iron double curved
Hand fist toe shape 1200 gr. – Polished
Set of decorative strips and assembly wedges (5 pieces)
Set of scrapers and assembly wedges (4 pieces)
Flexible magnetic lifter spring bar magnet
Fixing bracket | 3-piece setFixing bracket | 3-piece set
Micro Grip 2000 – grip pliersMicro Grip 2000 – grip pliers
Mechanical punch pliers 6 mm – punch pliers
Clamping pliers No. 2 – length 30cm
Bodywork tear-off pliers, shoeing pliersBodywork tear-off pliers, shoeing pliers
Grip pliers 111, curved jaws 10″
Folding pliers size. 4, curvedFolding pliers size. 4, curved
Finishing and pinning hammer 380 g with hickory handle
Mallet No. 3
Hammer aluminum for dent removal 300 g with hickory handle
Torque dent removal hammer 300 g with hickory handleTorque dent removal hammer 300 g with hickory handle
Dent removal and finishing hammer 330 gr.
Tin plane with blade – body fileTin plane with blade – body file
Body file holder (350 mm)Body file holder (350 mm)
Wooden body files complete semicircularWooden body files complete semicircular