CBR 2109 | Spatula for aluminum and steel

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CBR 2109 is a unique 2-component epoxy-based solder replacement used to restore steel or aluminum metal surfaces. It is used for the final modeling of bulging dents or weld seams.

Areas of application:

  • Floating tin replacement
  • Joint filler
  • Bonding of metals
  • Carrier system for paints


  • Good adhesion to steel, aluminum and zinc
  • easy processing (sanding, planing)
  • ideal carrier system for paint
  • easy to model
  • great stability
  • fast curing
  • no falling in or running away.

Tested and recommended by:
Ford | Aston Martin

The mineral-filled filler (no contact corrosion) is specially developed for use as a tin replacement and filling filler for joints and seam areas. The fast curing (< 60 minutes when using an additional heat source) and the easy processing allow cost-effective use in the area of ​​body repairs. CBR Spatula 2109 is delivered in a single tube cartridge with 3 pieces of static mixing tubes. This eliminates mixing errors and guarantees consistent quality when processing the material.

VE: 1 piece
Weight net: 0.60
Contents: 200ml
Details: Ford release
Gross weight: 0.600kg

Scope of delivery:
1 x CBR 2109 cartridge 200ml
3 x CBR 2109 mixing tubes

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