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Trac Tower 550 with vacuum plateTrac Tower 550 with vacuum plate
CBR 2109 | Spatula for aluminum and steel
Cover | Work station WS60
Spoon iron curved, flat shape
Set of folding pliers, 5-piece set
Fix magnets | 4-piece setFix magnets | 4-piece set
CBR CM 040
Carbon GmbH
CBR CM 040 Sale price289,00€
Kaiman automatic welding helmetKaiman automatic welding helmet
Spoon iron double curved
Hand fist toe shape 1200 gr. – Polished
Micro Grip 2000 – grip pliersMicro Grip 2000 – grip pliers
Mechanical punch pliers 6 mm – punch pliers
Clamping pliers No. 2 – length 30cm
Set of decorative strips and assembly wedges (5 pieces)
Set of scrapers and assembly wedges (4 pieces)
Flexible magnetic lifter spring bar magnet
Fixing bracket | 3-piece setFixing bracket | 3-piece set
Bodywork tear-off pliers, shoeing pliersBodywork tear-off pliers, shoeing pliers
Grip pliers 111, curved jaws 10″
Folding pliers size. 4, curvedFolding pliers size. 4, curved
Spark protection blanketSpark protection blanket
Spark protection made of glass fabric
Finishing and pinning hammer 380 g with hickory handle
Mallet No. 3