Trac Tower 550 with vacuum plate

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Mobile pull tower / dent removal system for body repair

The mobile pull tower with a new X-vacuum plate with extreme traction is held securely on smooth workshop floors by a pneumatic negative pressure base plate. The mobile design and low weight made it possible to quickly change the position of the towing tower on the repair vehicle.

• X-vacuum plate allows the tensile tower to remain firmly anchored to the ground to accommodate the heaviest and most extreme tensile loads.

• X-vacuum plate is particularly suitable for horizontal tractions where the angle between the winch and the flooring is extremely reduced and is in fact completely non-slip

• The new rubber covering has been vulcanized to be more flexible and increase abrasion resistance, ensuring a longer service life even with intensive use

Product information “X-PLATE pull tower”

The pull tower can be used on almost all common body surfaces such as steel, aluminum etc.

Areas of application: roof pillars | Vehicle doors | Door sill

The pulling force can be adjusted in all positions up to a height of 1.65 m, allowing use in high applications such as roof pillars and low applications such as door sills. Traction force can be applied gradually via a belt-driven hand pull, ensuring a very efficient and precise repair.

• Tensile force > 550 kg
• Dimensions 350x550x1650 mm
• Weight 20kg
• Height adjustment with 15 positions up to 165 cm
• Metal plate dimensions 280x330 mm

Scope of delivery:

1 x Pull Tower
1 x X Vacuum Plate
1 x Ratchet with Drawstring
1 x Tow Hook

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