InvertaPuls IP6-2 ACT | 3x200V | Steel/aluminium kit

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MIG-MAG welding machine / aluminum welding

Inverter MIG-MAG system for body repair with ACT = Automotive Cold Transfer*

Steel - MIG soldering - aluminum - TIG, 2 welding torches for 2 wires in 1 machine, outstanding thin sheet welding + soldering + aluminum, aluminum characteristics according to OEM specifications, all you have to do is set the sheet thickness - very user-friendly

A welding system perfectly tailored to vehicle repairs. The InvertaPuls IP 6-2 ACT is also available in the 3×220 V version. (Item no. 332007)

Tested and approved by:
Honda | Acura | Jaguar Land Rover | GM | GMC | Opel | Vauxhall | Cadillac | Buick | Chevrolet | Ford | Peugeot | Citroën | Renault | Dacia | Tesla

Recommended by:
Mercedes-Benz* | Maybach* | Smart

*Differentiation in appearance (color, labeling, etc.) and scope of delivery

*ACT = Low-energy short arc process
Synergic parameters
Lower heat input
Very good gap bridging
Less material distortion
Automatic “hold function” of the welding parameters
Saving individual welding programs
Integrated interface for software updates

VE: 1 piece
Temperature range: -40°C...+80°C
Gross weight: 73,500kg
Details: Release: Daimler, TESLA
Weight net: 69kg, 73.50
Effectiveness: 85%
Open circuit voltage: 82V (MIG)
Power factor: 0.7
Conformity mark: CE
Mains connection (Cu): 4x2.5mm²
Mains voltage: 3~400V (+/-10%)
Temperature operation: -10°C...+40°C
Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 920x350x740mm
Protection class: IP23
Backup: 16A
Minimum current intensity for pulse welding: 25 A

Scope of delivery:
2 sets of DV rollers for steel 0.8 / 1.0 mm,
1 set of DV wheels aluminum 1.0/1m2mm
1 x 3G hose package steel 3G, 3m, blue handle shell
1 x 3G aluminum hose package 3m, black handle
1 x ground cable 3m with clamp
1 x Pressure Gauge
1 x T-Valve
1 x User Manual

SKU: 332007